Salman Almalik



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A knight on many horses




 Sometimes circumstances enforce us to face too many challenges , we forget our limits and capabilities ,our working times and even the years that we are living..

In order to achieve a thing that we feel proud of.

we create dreams and places in spite of the illusions and wishes.

That kind of people only can be seen politicians and leaders and rarely in regular people.. or artists , salman al malik is one of the mentioned above. he is a photographer , a painter, a caricaturist, a printing director, a designer and also an inventor of the visual marks and maybe there's much more that is unrevealed yet.

Here in our Arabic countries, there are a plenty of what we can call the ( plastic art). but we can witness only a few of them that practice art and apply it from their daily life ..away from the usual ways ..they deal with caricature , graphic design ,printing directing and visual marks, but with no spirit or experience or even discoveries.

And getting the situation much harder..the separation that our society commits by considering art only  as a part of the heritage which make the artist stick to their daily life and ceremonies. leaving others with no dreams or even limits.

The artist who has a conscious and cares about his surrounding reality may not be convinced by his role in plastic art as it is, by making exhibitions for his framed paintings or welcoming the visitors. or even if a government or commercial establishment decided to buy on of his paintings..

He would go beyond all of that with his ambition and attempt to print a change in what is usual and common among others taste and try to enhance their visual language which has been repressed by the literary language for many centuries.

Such an artist is fighting to enrich and criticize people tastes and make their visual interactive with what see more formed to argue with ..considering their daily lives that seems ordinary and usual with a repletion of the surroundings situations.

Artists like salman al malik ..who is busy opening new doors and creating what had never made before. a great role that is ending with amazing results , at least for the new generation to find new doors and fields with stable work positions and attempt them to create and practice what goes beyond normal. witnessing what their father had never see.

We can not figure out how does the artist salman schedules his working time and has the appropriate ways and techniques to solve the contradictions of coloring and painting and graphic design, but we can notice that in the middle of all these fields there is a common factor  which is the combining of passion and mind with conscious because according to him all of these come from the mind and heart with a great rush of thinking. though keeping balance between these contradictory fields is hard but it comes from the personality of the artist himself and that is how our artist salman had succeeded till now to gather all these factors.

The only thing we can do is to wish him luck and victory in his next battle that will occur in his fourties..and by that time he would be able to deal more with the matter of opening his art fields and practice all together, but the question is how to achieve that..

The artist caricature should be more engaged with his coloring and painting experiences in result his painting should have more of the irony and humor spirit, also his graphics should contain a touch of passionate colors and finally his caricature may be with a touch of a summarizing experiences that the graphic design fulfilled.

 Finally we predict new battles and contradictions for him and even create some …as if he does not have much to deal with but we also support and stand by him with our hearts in all conditions and confrontations.



                                                                                                                                                                      Muhyee  Al Deen  Al labad

                                                                                                                                                                              Cairo - October 1993