Salman Almalik



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Painting cimyology The Forming Speech




The exhibition of the plastic artist Salman Al Malik is a visual poetic ceremony formed by a visual combination of body forms, ryhams colors, movements ,lines, space, light and shadow , also by the dynamic silence, the closed space and form, color heat , closed frames sealed with red colors, fourth dimension of time.. also by round ,tall forms and shapes. like shadows. waiting.. ,geometrical shapes and logarithms which look like heavy boats waiting to sail to the deep water. where no one comes or goes…all these forms and shapes are like weak shadows sitting and standing waiting for the ships for a long time ago and got deserted by time. shapes like a faceless bodies with frozen memories that lies in…more likely as   weak burned trees laid on chairs.

The using of color techniques sounds to be like a fire spreading through the woods and crossing beyond to the rivers to reach a far way land. and in the middle of all these …we where there to witness..

The exhibition was not about icons. it was all about paintings hanging on a silent wall holding a metaphysical questions and signs that hold the suffering and torture and used in a way to explain the pathetic , angry history and what lies beyond the human tragical destiny by using a plastic language with no referring to the body memories metaphysics …

And through out all of these philosophical expressions the artist visual view had made its way to create the painting and its color style.. helping him to deepen his visual visions about shapes that he created from lost faces with no rhyme celebrating without candles or flowers ..and likely to be lost in the day memory And reflecting the echo in an empty space..

Al Malik wanted in his preferred exhibition to present these crowded characters and shapes in a way of putting them inside wooden frames

To be the witness on the culture  collapsing and the endless suffering of the human being.

The auotomosphere that the exhibition provides is more like a visual scene expressing a moment of burning ..a changing point of reality into a complex time channel to express dreams and visions ,connected to the cimyological philosophical questions and magical powers in a dynamic way within the dimension of time.

The artist could create in his works a foundation and sense of awareness ..shapes like lost ships that longing to reach the shore ..sailing a way to new cities that passed beyond what is called peace places and dreams …these paintings reveal the poetry ,music sense mixed with the tragical pain and feelings of regret.

Some of his shapes and characters seemed to be lost, tiered and had been through a suffering ,hard and painful journey

Waiting for salvation and peace ..all these shaped were formed inside closed frames painted with hot red colors to give the expression of fire.

 The space which these paintings hold is like a herd of tiered ,restless horses running towards the unknown. in this space the cimyology and the form of the painting had been formed  with certain expressions and meanings:

A-     the combination and  absorbing an area for the other in  a partial way

B-      the transformation of the color marks in a partial way

C-     the dominate structure of the exhibition is the unaware feelings that lies inside a disturbance  which caught the attention of the viewer and aware him of his presence, with wild feelings and gestures , arguing him to express everything inside. though he's expressing only what got from  these signs …signs that can be led to other signs and meanings.

the color factor has taken a wide absolute range in these paintings.. it has combined ideas from where the artist thinks it mixed the ground with the sky, the waiting stations with the remains of lost chairs and rounded characters like a moss.

 that is why the color is like  agate to a visual openness that moves in parallel levels to equalize movements with moments of silence and waiting ,to compare it with the struggle ..

 these colors rush in smashed ways to express the madness of human beings.

It is a style that suggests to take a glance to the unknown

It is a nonstop music changed with different tones and motives ,quick turnings and jumps accompanied with an everlasting flying.

The exhibition was like an album that contains photos of old dreams, trucks filled with letters and heading to the unknown in the sunset. comparing it with winter night and a frozen sky at night. sidewalks which are crowded with faceless men waiting for something from strangers in cold stations. hoping to leave faraway to forgotten and lost cities that covered with marble roads and rock edges.

The artist al Malik had summarized  the feelings of pain and suffering through his paintings ..that had been spreaded in the spaces of Bissan gallery. As  a call for help in accelerated sound like a scary orchestra throughout a deserted volcano land. there where the viewer was present to witness and be impressed by the wooden boxes with the clouds and cypress trees along with the bells that played a crying tones ..they cried.. and I did the same.





                                                                                                                                                                           Dr.Salah Al kasab

                                                                                                                                                                                  Doha -  2004