Salman Almalik



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Painting suggests its poetic




In his new experience, Salman Al Malik illusions led us to  apart of the allegory he creates by color which is difficult to describe because he recreates himself out of the materials of his dreams.

He sheds light upon an ignored territory of our artistic modernity based on the essence not the appearance. In every sensational even he deployed there is some sort of an ambiguous listening to a possible impossible meetings

The pleasure here comes from the viewer appeal to catch the spiritual spring , the painter introduces the dreamy presence of the women in his artistic work ,is based on an imaginary apposition ,to get free from the condition of the body but with its company we reconstruct the body with a sensitive expression to erased the consumed discourse by funny lovely creatures fronting each other as if it contemplates as in his work horizon he founded some sort of dialogue between two possibilities our mediation on the imaginative struggles sense and a conter mediation to our real deserted selves

Salman Al Malik is totally involved in his freedom enchantment which over him an independent artistic behavior and has nothing to do with written interpretations attached to his work and because of his interest in studying the form ,he do not repress the formal obscurities in some parts of his work, which are the most questioning and exciting parts and in which the appearance portrays the desire of escaping a certain formal description .

He abstracted the the form and evaluate the technique after personifying it with this he examines the technique an adventure expressions to give more freedom to the form.



                                                                                                                                                                       Faruq Yousuf

                                                                                                                                                                           Doha - 2003