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Salman Al Malik And The Rhetorical Expression




Though the modernity of the Qatari fine art field ..but we witness a remarkable number of fine artists such as ( Jasim Zeiny- Yousef Ahmed- Hassan Al Mula- Badriya Jasim- Mohammed Al Jeeda- Mohammed Ali Alkawari- Hassan Al Sharif- Wadha Al Thani- Faraj Daham-) and more who had their creative participations in graphic-sculpture- collage- and pottery..establishing Qatar modern fine art that goes beyond the simple attempts to paint the desert, sea landscapes on the walls of old Qatari houses along time ago

Salman al malik is considered to be one of the extraordinary fine artists here in Qatar, he had participated in establishing Qatar fine art association long as his being one of the artists  who had been sent abroad to study art and come back with a lot of experiences that made him create a special style for showing his works and prove himself locally and abroad

Salman al malik was born in Doha in 1958 , he studied art in college of art in Cairo back in 1978- 1982..then he came back

To Qatar in 1986 to work as an art manager in Doha cultural magazine which served an attention to the fine art field at that time..

He also worked as a manager of art activities section in youth and sport general authority, he  has more other contributions in many art fields such as ( graphic design- caricature- journals-advertisement design-) in  the daily Raya newspaper, al Watan newspaper ,and the weekly magazine( news of the week)

His experience has  basic features and abilities to use free, special expressions and techniques by which he aims to create a unique visual text from the deep roots of the local Qatari heritage which is a main part of the artist personality and formation

His paintings contain a variety of  color spots and space techniques by using the quick moves and touches of the


brash to the the mixture of light and dark colors according to a  spiritual unique  rhythms.

These thick and dark color lines spread like slivers on the surface of the paintings representing shapes and figures of human beings with specific outline style.

These shapes are like jelly bodies with wide shoulders and small heads compared to the size of ordinary human body..leaning left or right as if they were under some kind of external unseen power inside the painting itself..but however we can still feel the influence of this power when we see the magnificent stability of the bodies in their places.

In general these figures have no distinguished features   and they look so different from other people in other places and times..they mostly appear in two positions ..standing and sitting. these two positions are never combined with each other in one painting.

In each position we can find one or two .. maximum three figures of women sitting on a couch with one of them away from the other two if this scene creates an exception to express a special meaning of solitary,silence,meditation and seeking for comfort along with expressing the relief and secret revealing in each of his painting.

Yet in other position (standing position) we can see more figures gathering in one spot to share a common purpose that unify them in achieving their we can feel that it is more vivid and likely from the former position that we mentioned before.

His paintings hold the meaning that deals with women as a special case..for that the artist says( my work reflecting reality as I see it..its an expression that comes from unlimited passions and perceptions which I paraphrase in a special way to create a harmony between a dream and a poem that gathering in a close relationship with colors to reflect an elegant ,modern art concepts.

My paintings reveal my suffering and my dreams that hold with using  special techniques to express the woman

concept as being a home, a dream, and an active part in the progress of society.


The features of these women figures are hidden..the only thing we can notice is the feeling of their bodies moving in along dark way and wondering among his cubic shapes or walking on the soft sand shores.

In many of these works the artist tends to use simple geometrical lines along with  specific color techniques that are somehow different from his usual order to create paintings with certain names that reflect the true meaning of his work such as ( the waiting-embodiment-the last chapter-meeting-harmony-shadow direction-desire)

The critic Farouq Yousef wrote in  the introduction of his book :

Salman's work reflecting his controlled feelings and inner passions to create a unique style that is far away of being ordinary and usual..the artist tries to seek answers for difficult questions to reveal certain facts and everything that seems to be hidden.

 but whatever the difficulties that lie in Salman's journey ,it has a sweet feeling for discovering the unknown that we persuade..a cheer for this artist and his magnificent art.




                                                                                                                                                           Mohammed Mahdi Hameeda

                                                                                                                                                                  A Critic from Egypt