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An artist breathe out through colors




I admit that this artist has confused me , he's been known since ,ore than 30 years working as a manager of the Qatari ( al Doha magazine) until he quit in 1980.

As a senior high school student planning to join the collage of art this could tell a lot about his talents in drawing cartoons that paved the way for his shiny future regarding this field..The reason I liked this artist was that his works reflected the experience and developing style which was more beyond his age at that time.

Salman Al Malik was the only artist who showed interest in drawing cartoons among a group of young Qatari artists who were more into the plastic art field, some of them are studying in art academies.. Others are practicing their own ways in the art field but all of them share the same true will and strong wish to create a whole new direction of the plastic art field in Qatar.

This group of young men have succeeded in shaping the first steps of the plastic art movement in Qatar.

Many of them have become a well known artists showing their works in art exhibitions with their names shining locally and abroad like ( Jassim Zainy- Yousef Ahmed- hassan Al Mula – Mohammed Ali- Ali Hassan and more ).

Back to Salman Al Malik who joined the college of art in Cairo in 1978 and graduated in 1982..back to Qatar to practice his work as an art magazine director, editing printings –designing book covers and posters and visual marks. he was successful in all these fields and receiving the awards and  gaining success in drawing cartoons though he was not that active in exhibiting his works as well as his colleagues who devoted their whole time to plastic art to become their only world .


The explosion


Years later the volcano of Salman has exploded to produce a hundred numbers of amazing paintings with an astonishing brilliant style which made the viewers impressed and captivated by his work

In approximately 8 or 9 years of work he presented a huge numbers of paintings that could not be finished in 20 years of work. he told me that most of these works have been sold or collected.

And obviously his volcano was so strong and wild to be controlled

These paintings were filled with hot colors like a flame coming out from a deep impact, Even the shapes seemed to be floating as a result of this impact.

The colors in these paintings are much more like an orchestra playing. a symphony with opposite colors used in a shiny skillful way to produce such works that filled with passion and feelings mixed with an extraordinary beauty.

I have noticed that even the dark colors are shiny and bright so I made an experience and took some photos to these works in (RGB) then I turned them into (CMYK) but still I was confused because these photos remained in the shiny bright way even when I converted the form I used in picturing them.

The works of Salman Al Malik reminded me with saying of   the artist Paul Gauguin (the real artist is not a cloud of smoke but a storm with lightening and thunder).

Salmons favorite artists are Henri Matisse and picaso...But as he say. Matisse is more close to his style..he thinks that colors make a good way in expressing light effects. not the ordinary light but what lies in the mind of the artist.

When I see the lines of salmons works which are filled with active energy and looking like a dancing flames ..this brings to my mind his saying. when he was a little boy drawing on the walls of his family's house using a piece of coal.

For the alikeness of his style in drawing cartons and the style in drawing paintings. for me I do not see a connection between the two styles as many writers and critics tried to configure, there is an extreme difference between the cartoons and plastic art works. though we can see many artists apply the same cartoon style on their paintings using the same colors and techniques and way of thinking even if they use a different canvas or frames.

Some critics and writers connect salmons style with the style of the wild school that started in the beginnings of the 20th century the school started as a group of young men who were influenced by the style of Paul Gauguin in his exhibition in 1901..and also in van Gogh exhibition in 1903 , they produced their works in their own gallery during Paris fall saloon in 1905 their work reflected the spontaneous and the energy of the colors they treated in the paintings reflected the visual effects and described elements  as an emotional state of mind  that lies in  the mind of the artist.

The name of this wild school is called after the sarcastic of the critics Lewis Vauxcelles during Paris fall saloon  1905when he criticized the works of these young artists and shouting about being the statue of ( Donatelo) in a middle of monsters cage.


The works of Salman Al Malik pay lots of attention to use the shiny colors ..neglecting the small details which lies in. these works have a difference from the works of the artists (Matisse- Derain and Vlaminck) they have the strong unique style mixed with the special taste of the artist in using the effect of colors.

Finally I have to mention that the artist Salman Al Malik is from Doha. Born in 1985, he studied art in Egypt. he is one of the most significant art marks in plastic art field both in gulf and Arab countries.

He has many local and abroad participations and exhibitions, more than 7 in Qatar and about 35 in Qatar and abroad.

His works represented Qatar in remarkable festivals and biennales such as ( Biennale of Cairo and Biennale of Bangladesh).

He has been awarded with the( golden leaf) in many regular exhibitions in Gulf countries.

Also he gained  (Al Dana award) in Kuwait.

Salman is one of the famous cartoonists in Qatar. he also has a regular column to show his art in al- Watan news paper   


                                                                                                                                                                          Mohammad Abo Talib                                                                                                                                                                        Alhelal Magazine  - Cairo - 2009